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Aligote - it's Burgundy's other white grape.

(What's the main grape, you may ask? It's Chardonnay. And it's very VERY much the main grape. So much so that you will often hear reasonably knowledgeable wine people tell you that it's Burgundy's only white grape. But 'only' is a dangerous word in the world of wine and the really savvy wine people know it's best to hedge their bets and just avoid making blanket declartions. Because there is almost always going to be an exception. And in Burgundy, that exception is aligote.)

So back to aligote. I could go on about it (which honestly, I already did), but I'll just point you to the recent New York Times Wine School article and let Eric Asimov do that work. So go read that, be sure to check out full list of growers to look out for, and then come back to this page where, like magic, you will find some of those very wines!! 
So grab them, try them, and I bet you'll be saying Aligot-yay! (I know, so cheesy, but I just can't resist.)