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Autumn Rose Sale

Let it go on the record: I don’t think there is such a thing as “rosé season.” There are plenty of fuller-bodied, more robust styles that are perfect for a cold winter day when you’re not quite in the mood for a big-boned red, but still want something with a bit of structure. And sometimes, even in the very dead of winter, a delicate, refreshing cool drink of pink is just the thing to remind you that some day, eventually, it will be summer again.

But regardless of what I think, I’ve been at this retail rodeo for a long time and there are certain rules that most rational shop owners follow. And an autumn rosé sale is one of those rules. I tend to push the date as deep into the fall as I can, but eventually the weather cools, the leaves change, and I join all the other rational wine stores and cut the price on any remaining rosés. (I also start to want to pile a bunch of ciders on the shelves, but that’s another story for another newsletter.)

Now this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more rosés in the shop after this sale. Because in a fairly irrational move, once all of these sell at a discount, I just go out and buy more to get the year-round rosé fans though to the spring, when the new arrivals arrive.

But for now, it’s sale time.

Some of you may be wondering, “Aren’t you supposed to drink rosé super fresh? Like as soon as it’s released?” Nope. At least not the ones that we carry. Many of these are just beginning to hit their stride, so you’re not only getting rosé at a great price, you’re getting rosé at a great price that’s better wine than when it was sold at full price. Seems a little irrational, doesn’t it? Such is the logic of rosé.

But it is perfectly rational for you, the customer, to stock up on pink things when traditional logical might say otherwise. So have a look at what’s on hand and grab a few bottles. ‘Tis the season.

Do note: there’s no further case discount on these wines (they are already marked down around 20%), but they do count toward the 12 bottles needed for any non-sale wine to get the 10% off. (That’s explained much more clearly here.)

And delivery is free to Manhattan and Brooklyn, as long you can wait for our van service to get it to you within the next couple weeks.