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Please note that our membership is currently at capacity. We are looking at options to expand, but in the meantime, please contact us at to be added to the waiting list.

Treat yourself to a monthly surprise at your doorstep - become a a member of The Feiring Line Wine Society. This is actually what is known as a wine club, but I really don't want to be clubby about it.

You can trust that the wines are all my totally subjective selections and driven by taste, not by marketing or margin. Every month you’ll get 2 to 4 bottles (and very occasionally one extremely special bottle) of what I consider winey adventures.

Maybe you’ll love them all, maybe you won’t, but the thing here is that I am only selling you wines I love, ones that I choose. For the most part these are wines that are limited edition, hard to find and not in most markets.

-- Alice Feiring



This is the place to become a member of the Feiring Line Wine Society for $75 per month. You can sign up for a monthly subscription membership, or a 3-Month or 6-Month membership (which also happen to make great gifts.) Monthly memberships are billed, well, monthly, until you tell us to stop. 3- and 6-Month options require upfront billing for the full membership term. Shipping and taxes are additional. The wines are generally ready for shipment or pick up mid-month and there are no substitutions... what Alice wants is what you get. 

Click on any option for specific details and the fine print.

NOTE: If you would like to subscibe to the Feiring Line Newsletter (and we think you should!), you can do that here.



Sometimes we grab a few extra bottles of each month's Wine Society wines. You'll find the extras posted here as we release them for general sale. As a Wine Society member, you'll get 10% off the posted price. Now.... this web site isn't fancy enough to process the discount, so you won't see it in your shopping cart. But we know who you are and will issue a credit. As an added bonus - there's no additional shipping over and above the usual shipping fees*.