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Good Beaujolais Nouveau

What? Did I Just type "good" nouveau? Does such a thing really exist? Of course it does... And we have two. We weren't sure any would arrive on time because unlike the big guy nouveau, these little guys aren't using winemaking tricks to make absolutely certain the bottles get to the US for the official 3rd Thursday in November release date. No enzymes, no banana yeasts, no added sugar and minimal/low sulphur additions.... just a hope and prayer that the wine finishes fermenting in time to make the boat.
Now just to manage your expectations: these wines are not supposed to be uber-serious. They are supposed to be delicious, glubbable, throw-it back goodness. These are the sorts of wine that make you smile and then let you go about your business (which could very well involve finishing the bottle yourself.)
Seriously delicious? Yes. Seriously serious? Save that for a dinner that doesn't involve a big bird, 34 side dishes, and a kid's table.
Same as last year, we have two to choose from. The Karim Vionnet is dark-fruited, deep and crunchy. The Dufaitre is red-fruited, bright and juicy. We recommend both. They go with everything: fancy turkey, overcooked turkey, all kinds of cranberry sauce, annoying relatives, drunk uncles, uncomfortable political conversations... all the holiday works.

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