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Welcome to Pet Nat Week up here in Copcake! Copcake? Yup, we're changing our name for the week to match the sign. Because really, what fun is a typo if you can't get some mileage out of it???

Spelling fun aside, you may be asking, what is Pet-Nat? And even if you aren't, we'll tell you anyway.

Pet-nat is cool kid shorthand for 'petillant naturel.' It's an old-school method of getting bubbles into a bottle of wine. Essentially, the initial fermentation is halted, usually by simply setting the barrel in a cold room. This partially fermented wine is then bottled, sealed with a pop top, and when warmer weather comes, the remaining yeast and sugar continue their fermentation process, with the bubbles contained within the bottle. Unlike Champagne (or sparkling wines made using the same method as Champagne), no yeast or sugar is added and the wine isn't filtered - so you'll get a little bit of very natural, quick-dissolving sediment in the bottle. It's also a less controlled method of getting bubbles into the wine. Once bottled, you hope the wine continues to ferment - enough to go dry or almost dry - but not so very much that it explodes. So pet-nats can be a bit of a wild ride. 

It's also a style that lends itself to all sorts of grapes (and apples... and honey....), so below, you'll see bubbles from a range of places, in all the colors of the wine rainbow - white, red, pink, and orange. And they're just the thing for sipping when you want a little bit of bubble but don't want to commit to the seriousness (or the cost) of a classic Champagne.

And to make this a party, all the bubbles below are on sale until the end of the month. Give one (or more) a try - they'll make you happy!

As always, we thank Vine Wines in Brooklyn for leading the charge and putting together the awesome swag for this annual event. New this time around - the Pet Nat Fanny Pack. Buy a couple bottles and if we still have one available, we'll add one in to sweeten the deal!