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Seasonal Sampler Cases

No matter the season, we've got you covered with our $150 Sampler Cases. They always include a range of wines you never knew you needed, adjusted for the season. In the winter, we ramp up the reds and as the weather rises, so do the whites and roses. There's usually a bottle of something sparkling and often a cider. There's always something for whatever the weather brings!

You'll get 12 bottles reflecting a variety of grapes, styles, and region. These wines will not be your usual suspects - so unless you're an uber-wine-geek, you'll likely discover something new. Tasting notes are included.

Price: $150....and that includes sales tax.

Please note - NO FURTHER DISCOUNTS APPLY TO THIS CASE. Please also keep in mind, this is a set case. The only time we'll make substitutions is if something is out of stock and we need to swap in another wine.

Also note - if we need to arrange delivery other than our \van service, the shipping charge that will appear in your shopping cart will be understated. Our less than state-of-the-art check out system assumes this item is one single bottle and calculates shipping accordingly. However, it's actually 12 bottles.