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Yes You Can Can

We can hear you asking… wine in cans? Seriously? Aren’t you guys supposed to be a “fine” wine store? Well, just because something’s fine doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. And all of these canned goodies are just that…. fun.

They won’t change the world. They won’t blow your mind. They’ll never set the auction world on fire. And you probably don’t want to sock them away into a dark corner of your cellar and wait for them to age to perfection.
But… they definitely deserve a place in your fridge. Or better yet, your backpack or bike basket. Because these single serving treats are light, easy to carry, quick to chill, and just plain tasty. We’ve tried most of the canned spritzers and wines and coolers on the market - and we’ll be honest,... quite of few of them are painfully bad. But as seasoned professionals, it’s our job to do the hard work of sorting through the dreck to get you the good stuff.
And these are the good stuff.